Monday, 15 May 2017

Pandora's Box Launch May 2017

With the sunlight streaming in through the windows, Pandora’s Box 2017, featuring some of the best creative writing by students and staff, was launched in front of a live audience. The evening was brilliantly organised by the three student editors Cal Buckley, Jonathan Hay,  and Liz Milne.
This year, thanks to an award from the NSS (National Student Survey), we were able to announce well-deserved prizes in the form of book tokens to students from the Department of English. 
The winners are as follows:
Pandora’s Box Poetry Competition
First Prize: £150 to Courtney Thomas for ‘Little Tucker’
Second Prize: £100 to Sarah Kissack for ‘An Ode to Tinder’
Third Prize: £75 to Sheila Jones for ‘Ten Little Soldier Boys’
Pandora’s Box Flash Fiction Competition
First Prize: £150 to Natalie Webster for ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’
Second Prize: £100 to Rebecca Metcalfe for ‘Manor Park’
Third Prize: £75 to Alex Robinson for ‘The Godfather’
Pandora’s Box authors
£10 prize to all student authors included in Pandora’s Box.
Many congratulations from the Pandora’s Box Editing Team!
For information about Pandora’s Box: 

For details about the English Department and the BA Creative Writing: 

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