Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Art and Poetry Collaboration

Creating Writing tutor and poet Jake Campbell is collaborating with visual artist Mike Corcoran on an exciting new project that links poems and images.

The collaboration was born out a shared interest in the stories with which we are raised, the environments which provide the setting, and how these stories and settings form an inextricable part of the people we become. The individual, their surroundings and the stories associated with these surroundings are interconnected: one cannot be fully understood, without reference to the other two.

For the project, each artist was invited to respond to the other’s work: Mike, to produce an artistic interpretation of Jake’s poem ‘Spelks’; and Jake, to produce a poetic response to Mike’s illustration, Bran. The project took each artist out of their comfort zone, no longer responding to their own environment and traditions, but to narratives and landscapes which they were encountering for the first time.

For further information, and to read/see the new pieces, go to:

Friday, 5 December 2014

The Best British Poetry 2014

Ian Seed’s poem ‘Prize-Giving’ has been selected for Salt’s anthology The Best British Poetry 2014.

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